July 20th, 2018 will be a significant milestone in the history of football/soccer on skates. On that day Zack Phillips and Arash Salmanpour will attend GAISF Info Day in Lausanne, Switzerland. This signifies that the Federation International Football Skating (FIFS), which evolved from the 1996 establishment of the RollerSoccer International Federation (RSIF), is formally beginning the process of recognition by the GAISF (gaisf.org - the Global Association of International Sports Federations). Football skating, also known as RollerSoccer, Futins, and Roller Foot, is already played around the world and has conducted many world championship tournaments.

This GAISF milestone is the beginning of the process to be officially recognized by the pinnacles of global sports organizations and events such as the World Games and Olympics. We hope that established football skating players, teams, clubs, organizations, and national federations/associations will continue with FIFS on this evolution. We look forward to welcoming many new official members, organizations and working with all parties required to achieve full recognition by the GAISF. During August we'll let you know how we roll forward to achieve this goal.

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